Organizing services

You can book any of the following services online. For more information, call or text 401-644-8684.

  • Phone consult

    A quick chat to figure out your goals and needs.

    Cost: $0

  • In-home consult

    A judgment-free evaluation of your home, to determine which zones and products you need.

    Cost: $100

  • Timed session

    1:1 guidance for 3 or 5 hours.

    Cost: $300 - $450

  • Gift cards

    Choose any amount, use toward any service.

Project rates

Want the best value for your budget? Try organizing per room!

Most times, I can quote over the phone when you send me pictures or video ahead of time.

Larger projects may require an in-home consultation.

Don't know where to start?

Tell me about your space and I'll contact you!